Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Small Fry has recently entered a new stage of exploration. Previously, he enjoyed taking one interesting item and smashing it against a second, also interesting item. Hours of fun. In the new phase, he enjoys taking one interesting item and placing it inside another, also interesting item.

My car keys are interesting.

The toilet is interesting.

The perceptive reader may detect where this story is headed.

But wait - enter The Plot Twist. Now, we consider ourselves environmentalists 'round here, and to that end have taught our damn, darling Medium Fry a certain little ditty I like to call the "Water Conservation Poem". If you happened to grow up with a septic system (or with similarly hippie-ass parents such as ourselves), you'll know what I mean.

Back to the story.

"Gaaah! Small Fry! Don't put mommy's keys in ... *sigh* ... you frigging little turkey. Oh Jesus H. ... MEDIUM FRY!"


"Does brown rhyme with mellow?"

"Noooo." (This said as if I'm stupid!)

"Well then, flush the damn toilet next time!"

Getting my keys back was also interesting. Please, someone remind me why I gave up smoking.

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