Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogging as Gateway Drug

There aren't a lot of things I said I'd never do. For instance, I was not one of "those" people who saw other people's children (or parents, for that matter!) behaving badly and said, "I'll never let MY kids...", because I guess I could see that sort of thing coming back to bite me in the ass one day. And good thing, too, because from my current point of view I realize you can't stop the little Zulus no matter how hard you try. (Besides, kid leashes are really very convenient items to have in your parenting repertoire...)

I did, however, say I'd never write a blog. Yet somehow, here I am. Am I so self-important that I think people should have the privilege of all-hours access to my penetrating thoughts and ravishing wit? Turns out I'm just sorta lame and don't really have too many people to talk to, so I'm taking a page from the bivalve book of reproductive tactics: just lettin' it fly and hoping someone, somewhere is picking up what I'm putting down. Not entirely certain anyone is thus far... I currently have one - count 'em, one - follower. I call her my minion. (Bet you've never heard that word in the singular form before, eh?) Good thing I'm just getting shit off my chest here, because my plan for world domination seems to be falling sadly short.

But this begs the question: now that I've started a blog, what other "nevers" are going to come crashing through the Great Floodgates of Eating Crow? Velour tracksuits? Those ridiculous rolling backpacks? Horror of horrors - working retail???

One day you're starting a blog, the next day you're eating head cheese on white.
It's a slippery slope, I tells ya.

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  1. The MINION says... You crack me up! I love that you started a blog. It is like I get to be a part of that intriguing brain of yours! lol