Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drinking Problem

Can't quite recall which number I'm on, but let's call this one #29: I have a coffee dependency.

#30: And also, a heavy falafel habit. They are not, as DH would have you believe, called that because they are "fulla awful". I actually fantasize a little about falafel sometimes, they're so fulla wonderful. Seriously, try them.

But back to #29. I began to notice I had a problem when anything less than four cups a day led to withdrawal symptoms - headaches, bitchiness, hives. The usual. But today... today. Today I am old in addition to addicted. I brewed myself a pot of coffee in the afternoon, and I drank it up, and I am experiencing no adverse effects of late-day coffee consumption.

Spare me! I'm too young to be my grandmother!

But the true horror of it is how utterly frigging awful the coffee at my workplace is. They say addiction kills, but seriously, that shit is brewed from armpits or something. And to buy four cups a day (minimum!) of decent coffee in downtown Calgary? My wallet hurts just thinking about it. But, addicts is as addicts does, sir, and:

#31. I'll miss you, left kidney, but I just really needed the cash.

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