Saturday, November 27, 2010

Or Was It "Trim the Hedges"?

I saw this old Kenny and Dolly Christmas album at Wal-Mart on CD last week and I just had to have it. I hadn't listened to that album in ages!

And apparently, back when I last listened to it, I didn't really hear it, because I was completely scandalized by some of the lyrics - "a fast talkin' lover with some slooow burnin' wood"?!? "Wrap the tree and trim the presents"!?! My gawd, Dolly! And you Kenny, obviously encouraging that sort of behaviour! For shame! What the hell kind of Christmas album sings the praises of random ski chalet hookups?

My kind of Christmas album, that's what. Once I got over the shock, I tossed my other CDs out the window and cranked it up. Springtime feelings indeed. Given my innocent botanical leanings and all, I used to think that meant, like, being happy that plants were starting to grow again or something. Consider me edumacated.

In fact, there really is something about this time of year that gives me a hankering for a moustache ride. Can't quite put my finger on it - is it the chilly weather? the Kenny and Dolly CD? the apples? Wait, I know! It must be the charming manner in which so many men are putting themselves out there this Movember and donating their faces (and, variously, their pride; their fashion sense; and quite possibly their sex lives) for one full month a year to raise awareness (and cash) for men's health.

So, seriously. If there's a man in your life - and don't tell me there isn't, I'm a biologist, I know how you got here - go here. Donate. It's for a Most excellent cause.

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