Thursday, March 24, 2011

The People vs. Atkins

Vegetable (veg-e-tuh-bull, veg-tuh-bull): edible herbaceous plants which are grown or harvested for consumption as food; the edible portions (e.g., roots, stems, leaves, tubers) of such plants; a person whose body or brain has been damaged to the extent that they are unable to interact with the surrounding environment.

See? Potatoes are people too!

...or at the very least, they're vegetables. Perfectly, legitimately, tuberously vegetables. And vegetables are good for you.

So how is it that even I - a dedicated carbohydrate enthusiast - have somehow been indoctrinated into thinking potatoes are a "bad" food? Damn low-carbers, infiltrating my kitchen.

In defiance of the damage that ridiculous diet fads have done to the potato's wholesome, humble reputation, I call on potato lovers everywhere to take a stand. Show your love! Participate proudly in the Potato Partakers' Proclamation!

I WILL cook potatoes a zillion different ways, and relish every one!
I WILL NOT relegate potatoes to the "starch" quarter of my plate!
I WILL pile 'em high and gobble 'em up!
I WILL NOT fear the carbohydrate!
I WILL be grateful for the inexpensive source of fibre, protein and abundant vitamins and minerals, and - most importantly! - the delightful, fluffy, flavour sensation that enter my body with every mouthful of potato.

And dammit, I WILL NOT feel guilty about it!

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