Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peer Pressure

Due to overwhelming public outcry at the announcement in my last post, I am returning to my blogging endeavour.

Well, OK. There was actually no outcry, sortof a mild grievance on the part of one person, but the really exciting news that I just couldn't resist sharing is that, through careful observation, I have unearthed a stunning insight into the male psyche. Ladies, take your Couple's Lexicon down from the fridge and procure yourself a writing implement, 'cause here it comes:

When he says, "I started the laundry yesterday," before he heads out the door to work in the morning, he means, "I am out of clean underwear, so have placed two (of the household's four) full laundry baskets in front of the washing machine where they are now waiting for you to simply sortwashdryfoldandputaway! One easy step! Now, kindly display your endless gratitude by way of Hero Cookies and/or sexual favours in return for all my efforts."

(Well, OK. That's actually not
that stunning an insight, but c'mon now, how complex can their psyches really be?)

Whew, it's good to be back, folks. To paraphrase Descartes,
kvetch ergo sum. I bitch, therefore I am.

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